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Innovative Vision - Added Value

Our overall approach is at the crossroads of two working cultures, the European one, centred on methodological problem identification, and the American one, focused on the implementation of pragmatic solutions. Our clients are mostly multinational companies, big utilities, institutions, such as the European Commission, national governments, the Regions and big Districts.
The realisation of a complex project or the significant increasing of an organisation’s performances needs: identification of the objective, creation of the instruments and measurement of results.

Identification of the objective

Which needs to be distinctive and realistic in order to bring a structure towards a change



Creation of the instruments

Needed to safeguard the transformation of the vision into value for actionists and citizens

Measurement of results

After consultancy and of the spread of competences used during the delivery of the project



Something About Us

Vision & Value is a consulting firm for a distinctive positioning between large companies and governments. The goal is to accompany multinational companies in the uncharted waters of the great digital and environmental transformations, which increase their “social” value.

V&V mission is also to evaluate and design public policies that go hand in hand with the complexities that the 21st century presents to institutions that were designed for a completely different period. 


  • Policy and impact evaluation

    We assess whether a policy was communicated to its intended beneficiaries effectively and what results were obtained compared to the policy’s expected goals.
  • Strategy Consultancy

    We identify the likelihood of sustainable, competitive advantage brought about thanks to investments in innovation in specific areas.
  • Social Innovation

    We structure concrete proposals for solving some of society’s most radical problems as the welfare state system is constrained by a decreased capacity to satisfy increasing demands.
  • Territorial Marketing

    We harness the power of a promotional strategy thanks to which any territory can tap into unexplored streams for economic development.