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Italy and the Titanic syndrome

An analysis of Covid-19 impact on Italy’s economy and public finance  

How to istitutionalise the entrepreneurial discovery process?

How to institutionalise the entrepreneurial discovery process so that companies and government engage with each other?

The Strategies for research and innovation of the Italian regions within the prespective of “Smart Specialisation”

  The potential role of Italian’s regions in research and innovation policy.

Assessing international students’ motivations and higher education systems positioning

International students as indicator of competitiveness of universities  

The Universities of the future within the Global Markets for Ideas: the Internationalization Imperative

  Paper presented at the International Conference on the “Future of the Universities in the Global Market of Ideas, Internationalization, and new competitors”, in Perugia, 2011

Universities within the Innovation Global Market. Ranking and internationalization as trigger of changes

  Paper presented at the International Conference on the “Future of Universities”, Turin, 2010

Ranking of Italian Universities

Paper presented at the International conference on the “Future of Universities” in Turin, 2010

The elephant and the wave: ranking and internationalization as virus for change

How to change the “elephant system” of the Italian universities
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