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The Zoom Economy: is Remote Working Here to Stay?

The Post Office Era
Vision Post Pandemic Series

Remote working”, as a method to work which has been greatly enhanced by COVID 19 related restriction policies, has thrown us into a social experiment of an unprecedented scale.

The recent Pandemic and the ensuing mandatory or semi mandatory arrangements to work from home, are making organizations and workers to discover, all of the sudden, that working without being at the office or taking a flight, is possible and may be – up to some extent – more efficient.

The radically new experience that the Pandemic has imposed, as, thus, removed archetypes that we took for granted and proved that another world is possible. There are some questions that need to be answered and that structure the following research:

Which is the impact of remote working on productivity?

Which are the effects of the new arrangements on the quality of life of individuals and families?

Which is the impact on the shape of cities?

Last but not least, which are the effects on technologies themselves?

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