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Silver Economy & Technology

The Value Proposition For Insurance Companies

In Italy people over 65 are about 14 million, they hold more than half of the national wealth and consume almost two thirds of public health expenditure, as well as producing more than two thirds of the damages of the health policies of the major American insurance groups in the United States.  

The digital divide affects mostly the elderly population, the so called “silver”. According to Vision, this situation represents both a State and Market failure. The State invests more than half of its health expenditure in chronic diseases for the elderly population and this incidence could be reduced thanks to better use of technologies. As far as the market is concerned, there is a demand for better technologies and better services that the market does not manage to intercept. Both State and market would have a great advantage in bridging this digital gap and this represents one of the greatest opportunities in the coming years.

This document is an update of previous reports that start from the Vision “silver economy” practice and update it to make a first value proposal for an insurance company.

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